Axel Wilhite has shown his paintings in the United States and in Europe. He is a co-founder of 7x7.LA, an online magazine that facilitates and publishes creative collaborations between artists and writers.





December 9, 2017 - January 6, 2018, Virtual Memory, Launch LA, Los Angeles, California

December, 2015, Prends l'oseille et tire toi, La Manutention Gallery, Paris, France

October 18 - November 18, 2014, Axel Wilhite: Patamorphosis, The Public Trust, Dallas, Texas

September 4 - October 4, 2014, Axel Wilhite, Kunstverein/Bob's Your Uncle, Amsterdam, Netherlands

January, 2014, Sayonara, Vegetables, private exhibition space, Venice, California

December, 2013, Un Jeu de Cartes, La Manutention Gallery, Paris, France


November 18 - 25, 2017, They Think They Think, Jace Space, Los Angeles, CA

November 17 - 20, 2017, Art Square Taipei, Art Curator Japan, Taipei City, Taiwan

December 15 - 18, 2016, Art Square Taipei, Art Curator Japan, Taipei City, Taiwan

December 3, 2016 - January 8, 2017, All That Glitters, KP Projects, Los Angeles, CA

November 19 - December 9, 2016, South Bay Focus 2016, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA

September 10 - October 1, 2016, Without Design or Sketch: The Story of a Room, Launch LA, Los Angeles, CA

June 4 - October 2, 2016, Iles de la Seine, Pavillion de l'Arsenal, Paris, France

May 10 - 31, 2015, iris.time, L'Inlassable Museum, New York, New York

May 9 - 25, 2015, State of Emergency: Big Brother Is Watching, Winslow Garage, Los Angeles, California

March 20 - April 19, 2015, Micro Salon #5, L'Inlassable Galerie, Paris, France

February 14 - 28, 2015, Salon Hang 2015, Kunstverein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

January 2015, [Holiday Group Show], The Public Trust, Dallas, Texas

March - May, 2014, Micro Salon #4, L'Inlassable Galerie, Paris, France

March - April, 2014, Venez Fruits Pressés, La Manutention Gallery, Paris, France




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